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Raleigh Coffee Destinations!

Hey Friends!

Below are my Raleigh coffee destination recommendations. This list would have been MUCH longer, but because of the postponement of Die Zauberflöte at North Carolina Opera due to COVID-19, I am presenting to you: Part #1! Stay tuned for Part #2 at a later date, but in the meantime, enjoy and stay healthy!!


BREW Coffee Bar (McNeil Point)

In my post about Jacksonville coffeeshops, I also went to a BREW coffee bar. They are very sleek establishments. If you’re looking for a modern coffeeshop with a decent pastry selection and decent coffee, then I suggest you check this place out. Personally, I look for coffee shops with character and something to say, and BREW just doesn’t really do it for me (though it was the closest to my hotel, so I frequented often!)

Sir Walter Coffee (Downtown)

Sir Walter Coffee in downtown Raleigh is a total gem. This coffee house and bar has TONS of character and some super cool vibes. They have normal bar and table seating, as well as comfortable oversized lounge chairs which I love. It is very spacious, tons of natural light, and seating indoors and outdoors. They also have local art showcased on their walls which is a BIG plus for me. I encountered some really great staff and had a delicious cinnamon toast crunch latte. Highly recommended.

The Morning Times (Downtown)

The Morning Times in downtown Raleigh was also a really great find. It is a coffeehouse and gallery that is right next to its sister bar/pub establishment, The Raleigh Times. As you walk into The Morning Times, you’re led to believe it’s a very cozy, quaint place with little seating. I had a great encounter with the baristas, and they made me a lovely maple and cinnamon latte. I then moseyed my way upstairs to find a huge upstairs area (photo below) with a huge amount of seating, and again, my favorite oversized chairs to do work in. Highly recommended!



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